mcgaw, pieris and potter on indigenous place-making in the city


Janet McGaw, Anoma Pieris and Emily Potter, ‘Indigenous Place-Making in the City: Dispossessions, Occupations and Implications for Cultural Architecture’, Architectural Theory Review 16, 3 (2011)

This paper considers Indigenous place-making practices in light of an idea for a major Victorian Indigenous Cultural Knowledge and Education Centre in central Melbourne as championed by Traditional Owners in Victoria. With only eight Aboriginal architects in the country, collaboration with non-Indigenous architects will be inevitable. Two case studies from the recent past—the Tent Embassy in Canberra and a street corner in Collingwood—reveal that dominant cultures of place-making continue to marginalise Aboriginal people in urban Australia. This paper will contend that delivering spatial justice will require both an opportunity for Indigenous Victorians to build visibility in the centre of the city and a willingness within the dominant culture to be deterritorialised.


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