special issue: international journal on human rights


International Journal on Human Rights 16, 1 (2012). Special Issue: Indigenous Peoples’ Rights: New Perspectives.


Mauro Barelli: ‘Free, prior and informed consent in the aftermath of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples: developments and challenges ahead’.

Marco Odello: ‘Indigenous peoples’ rights and cultural identity in the inter-American context’.

Kristin Hausler: ‘Indigenous perspectives in the courtroom’.

Heather A. Northcott: ‘Realisation of the right of indigenous peoples to natural resources under international law through the emerging right to autonomy’.

Sheryl R. Lightfoot: ‘Selective endorsement without intent to implement: indigenous rights and the Anglosphere’.

Sarah Sargent: ‘Transnational networks and United Nations human rights structural change: the future of indigenous and minority rights’.

Fiona Batt: ‘Ancient indigenous deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) and intellectual property rights’.

Enzamaria Tramontana: ‘Civil society participation in international decision making: recent developments and future perspectives in the indigenous rights arena’.

Shayna Plaut: ‘‘Cooperation is the story’ – best practices of transnational indigenous activism in the North’

Jennifer Huseman & Damien Short: ‘‘A slow industrial genocide’: tar sands and the indigenous peoples of northern Alberta’

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