indigenous people and settler self-government: journal of colonialism and colonial history


Journal of Colonialism and Colonial History 13, 1 (2012).

Ann Curthoys, ‘Indigenous People and Settler Self Government: Introduction’.

Zoë Laidlaw, ‘Slavery, Settlers and Indigenous Dispossession: Britain’s empire through the lens of Liberia’.

Rachel Standfield, ‘Protection, Settler Politics and Indigenous Politics in the work of William Thomas’.

Mark McKenna, ‘Transplanted to Savage Shores: Indigenous Australians and British birthright in the mid nineteenth-century Australian colonies’.

Marilyn Lake, ‘The Gendered and Racialised Self who Claimed the Right to Self-Government’.

John Keane, ‘Restorative Justice: Rethinking the history of the impact of representative democracy upon Indigenous peoples’.

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