susanne schech on first-world settler societies, development and the third world


Susanne Schech, ‘Development perspectives from the Antipodes: an introduction’, Third World Quarterly 33, 6 (2012):

Is there a distinctive Antipodean approach to development? In this introduction I take up Raewyn Connell’s challenge to explore the possibilities for knowledge production that reflects Australia’s and New Zealand’s geographical situation of rich peripheral countries and their history of settler colonisation. While Antipodeans’ contributions to development theory have been limited, their work is characterised by close connections between theory and practice. The Antipodes’ positioning as global North in the geographical South has stimulated a search for alternative approaches to development knowledge. This is variously pursued through collaborative research relationships with indigenous communities, close engagement with non-Western cultural frameworks, and a focus on marginal spaces and positions. As the centre of global economic power shifts to the South, existing development relationships and established ways of doing development are increasingly challenged by newly constituted subject positions and coalitions.

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