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Alex J. Bellamy, ‘Mass Killing and the Politics of Legitimacy: Empire and the Ideology of Selective Extermination’, Australian Journal of Politics & History 58, 2 (2012). How do the perpetrators of mass killing legitimise their behaviour? This article examines the legitimation of some of the worst cases of mass killing in the past two centuries. […]

We are interested in papers that address the following broad topics and themes:  • The political economy of land grabbing • The discourse and contested meaning of “empty lands”, “unoccupied lands” or “underused lands”  • The role of multinational corporations, sovereign wealth funds (notably from Europe and the Gulf States), private equity funds as well […]

Havatzelet Yahel, Ruth Kark, and Seth J. Frantzman, ‘Are the Negev Bedouin an Indigenous People? Fabricating Palestinian History’, Middle East Quarterly 19, 3 (2012). In the last two decades, there has been widespread application of the term “indigenous” in relation to various groups worldwide. However, the meaning of this term and its uses tend to […]

Sasha Williams and Ian Law, ‘Legitimising Racism: An Exploration of the Challenges Posed by the Use of Indigeneity Discourses by the Far Right’, Sociological Research Online 17, 2 (2012) The disintegration of the British National Party (BNP) has removed the threat of the party securing a place in the political mainstream in the UK. But, […]