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Zimbabwe’s starving San community, commonly known as bushmen, are demanding to be taken back to the bush saying the government has neglected them for many years. The San were moved from Hwange National Park in the 1920s during the colonial era by the Europeans and most of them settled in Mgodimasili area in Tsholotsho South […]

The Awa live in north eastern Brazil and survive as hunter-gatherers in remote areas of rainforest. Of their number around 100 have never had contact with outsiders. However, the tribe’s four protected territories have been whittled away over the years by settlers and loggers who are now said to outnumber the Awa by ten to […]

Lorenzo Veracini, ‘The Other Shift: Settler Colonialism, Israel, and the Occupation’, Journal of Palestine Studies 42, 2 (2013).  This densely argued essay offers an original approach to the study of Israel-Palestine through the lens of colonial studies. The author’s argument rests, inter alia, on the distinction between colonialism, which succeeds by keeping colonizer and colonized […]

Christopher Alcantara and Jen Nelles, ‘Indigenous Peoples and the State in Settler Societies: Toward a More Robust Definition of Multilevel Governance’, Publius (2013). Over the past fifty years, Indigenous peoples in settler countries have mobilized to demand policy and institutional changes from their respective states. Although some scholars have employed multilevel governance (MLG) to make […]

Anna Maria Kowalczyk, ‘Indigenous Peoples and Modernity: Mapuche Mobilizations in Chile’, Latin American Perspectives (April 15, 2013). The twenty-first century has ushered in a new era for the numerous social and political movements of Mapuche indigenous groups in Chile. Apart from distancing themselves from state institutionality and demanding autonomy, they have tended to reject alliances […]

CALL FOR PAPERS INTERNATIONAL STUDIES ASSOCIATION – TORONTO (2014) 26-29 March, 2014. Settler-Colonial Spaces: Thinking Across Indigeneity and International Relations As the ISA moves from Ohlone territories (San Francisco) to Mississauga and Haudenosaunee territories (Toronto) for its annual convention next year, this is a call to reflect on the international underpinnings of settler-colonial spaces. The […]

Maile Arvin, Eve Tuck, Angie Morrill, ‘Decolonizing Feminism: Challenging Connections between Settler Colonialism and Heteropatriarchy’, Feminist Formations 25, 1 (2013). The article explores two intertwined ideas: that the United States is a settler colonial nation-state and that settler colonialism has been and continues to be a gendered process. The article engages Native feminist theories to […]

Radha D’Souza, ‘Imperialism and Self-determination: Revisiting the Nexus in Lenin’, Economic & Political Weekly vol xlvIiI no 15 (2013). This essay examines the nexus between self-determination, imperialism and the importance of Marxist theory in Lenin’s writings. It argues that the three strands were inseparably connected in Lenin’s thinking. The breakdown of the unity of the three […]

Critics of Israeli pinkwashing in the United States and Canada have increasingly engaged in comparative critiques of settler colonialism. Queers Against Israeli Apartheid in Toronto has invoked this critique for many years. Pinkwatchers across Canada also draw ties between Palestinian and Indigenous solidarity that are heightened by the recent emergence in Canada of the Indigenous people’s movement Idle No More. […]

Bain Attwood, ‘Returning to the Past: The South Australian Colonisation Commission, the Colonial Office and Aboriginal Title’, Journal of Legal History 34, 1 (2013). In the closing decades of the twentieth century many scholars sought to both address and redress the ways in which indigenous people’s rights in land had been treated historically by colonisers […]