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Zimbabwe’s starving San community, commonly known as bushmen, are demanding to be taken back to the bush saying the government has neglected them for many years.

The San were moved from Hwange National Park in the 1920s during the colonial era by the Europeans and most of them settled in Mgodimasili area in Tsholotsho South in Matabeleland North Province.

There are over 1 500 San people in Zimbabwe and some are found in Plumtree in Matabeleland South.


They said going back to the bush to survive on hunting and gathering is better than staying under a government which treats them like animals.

“We want to go back to the bush, they should open up Hwange National Park and we go back.

“Our grandfathers had better lives that side than here where we are still treated like animals.

“The government has totally failed to help us to improve our lives for the past years and some politicians have been telling us lies all these years.

They only want our votes but they have not done anything for us,” Madlela Maphosa, a 70-year-old headman for the San people in Mtshina Village said.


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  1. 1 omalone1

    G wiz. More casualties of government failure which is corporate interest?

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