castleden et al. on geographies of ignorance in canadian schools


Heather Castleden, Kiley Daley, Vanessa Sloan Morgan & Paul Sylvestre, ‘Settlers unsettled: using field schools and digital stories to transform geographies of ignorance about Indigenous peoples in Canada’, Journal of Geography in Higher Education (2013).

Geography is a product of colonial processes, and in Canada, the exclusion from educational curricula of Indigenous worldviews and their lived realities has produced “geographies of ignorance”. Transformative learning is an approach geographers can use to initiate changes in non-Indigenous student attitudes about Indigenous epistemologies and ontologies. This study explores non-Indigenous student perspectives concerning a field school and digital storytelling as transformative experiences within the context of an “Indigenous Perspectives on Environmental Management” course; they were asked to reflect on their course experience. Findings indicate that students found both to be effective and important steps in the transformation of their own worldviews.

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