american indian culture and research journal: the settler complex (settler colonialism and indigenous alternatives in global context)


American Indian Culture and Research Journal 37, 2 (2013). The Settler Complex. Guest editor: Patrick Wolfe.

The Settler Complex: An Introduction. Patrick Wolfe.

What Is Settler Colonialism? (for Leo Delano Ames Jr.). Maya Mikdashi.

“Aloha ‘Oe”: Settler-Colonial Nostalgia and the Genealogy of a Love Song. Adria L. Imada.

All the Eagles and the Ravens in the House Say Yeah: (Ab)original Hip-Hop, Heritage, and Love. Lauren Jessica Amsterdam.

Desire, Settler Colonialism, and the Racialized Cowboy. Beenash Jafri.

A Global Potlatch: Identifying the Indigenous Influence on Western Thought. Isaiah Lorado Wilner.

Stitching Osage Governance into the Future. Jean Dennison.

Challenging Settler Colonialism in Contemporary Queer Politics: Settler Homonationalism, Pride Toronto, and Two-Spirit Subjectivities. Cameron Greensmith and Sulaimon Giwa.

“There’s Something in the Water”: Salmon Runs and Settler Colonialism on the Columbia River. Lindsey Schneider.

“The Last Bastion of Colonialism”: Appalachian Settler Colonialism and Self-Indigenization. Stephen Pearson.

An Account of the Dakota-US War of 1862 as Sacred Text: Why My Dakota Elders Value Spiritual Closure over Scholarly “Balance”. John Peacock.

Driving with the Driven: A Re(-)view of the Trail of Tears in the Roadside Montage. Ken Whalen.

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