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Heather Castleden, Kiley Daley, Vanessa Sloan Morgan & Paul Sylvestre, ‘Settlers unsettled: using field schools and digital stories to transform geographies of ignorance about Indigenous peoples in Canada’, Journal of Geography in Higher Education (2013). Geography is a product of colonial processes, and in Canada, the exclusion from educational curricula of Indigenous worldviews and their […]

Bonny Ibhawoh, ‘Cultural Negotiations and Treaty Making in Upper Canada and British West Africa’, Ife Journal of History 6, 1 (2013). Historians often refer to the British Empire, focused primarily eastward after the loss of the American colonies, as the “second empire.” Unlike the “first empire,” this second empire of the nineteenth century ceased to […]

Timothy C. Winegard, Indigenous Peoples of the British Dominions and the First World War (Cambridge University Press, 2012). This pioneering comparative history of the participation of indigenous peoples of the British Empire in the First World War is based upon archival research in four continents. It provides the first comprehensive examination and comparison of how […]

Daryl Stump, ‘On Applied Archaeology, Indigenous Knowledge, and the Usable Past’, Current Anthropology 54, 3 (2013). Several recent discussions within archaeology refocus attention on the relationship between western knowledge and “indigenous knowledge”: one arising from the question of local ownership of land, technologies, and archaeological materials; another responding to the continued interest within development, conservation, […]

Sarah Keenan, ‘Property as Governance: Time, Space and Belonging in Australia’s Northern Territory Intervention’, Modern Law Review 76, 3 (2013). This article analyses two cases brought by aboriginal Australians against the Australian government acquisition of long leases of their land under the Northern Territory National Emergency Response Act 2007. These leases are conspicuous, particularly in […]

Mercedes López, Pilar Foronda, Carlos Feliu, Mariano Hernández, ‘Genetic characterization of black rat (Rattus rattus) of the Canary Islands: origin and colonization’, Biological Invasions (May 2013). In the Canary Islands two invasive rat species, Rattus rattus and Rattus norvegicus are present, but little is known about the origin and colonization. To this end, a molecular […]

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Matthew Fitzpatrick, ‘New South Wales in Africa? The Convict Colonialism Debate in Imperial Germany’, Itinerario 37, 1 (2013). In 1852, the naturalist and writer Louisa Meredith observed in her book My Home in Tasmania: “I know of no place where greater order and decorum is observed by the motley crowds assembled on any public occasion […]

“The evidence is absolutely consistent with dismemberment and de-fleshing of this body,” said Doug Owsley, a forensic anthropologist at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History in Washington DC. Written documents had previously suggested the desperate colonists resorted to cannibalism – but the discovery of the 14-year-old girl’s bones offers the first scientific proof. Smithsonian […]