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George Pavlich, ‘Criminal Justice and Cape Law’s Persons’, Social Legal Studies (2013) Expansive criminal justice arenas have for centuries been marked by tenaciously unequal representations of the race, class, ethnicity and gender of the subjects they capture and punish. Although the phenomenon has been analysed in several ways, this article focuses on the influence of […]

Cory Willmott, ‘Beavers and Sheep: Visual Appearance and Identity in Nineteenth-Century Algonquian-Anglo Relations’, History and Anthropology iFirst (2013).  Differences between Great Lakes Algonquians and their colonizers in the meanings and values of dress were not simply a matter of different symbolic meanings for the coded elements. Rather, for Algonquians, the whole realm of the visual […]

The Cherokee Nation, to which the girl’s birth father belongs, had insisted she would stay with the tribe. BBC News.

Rachel Busbridge, ‘Performing colonial sovereignty and the Israeli ‘separation’ wall’, Social Identities (2013). As a structure that does not mark an actual border and is constructed primarily on occupied territory, the Israeli ‘separation’ wall is a unique space that functions as both border and borderlands. Here, I explore the wall as a performance of sovereignty which simultaneously […]

Mary Gilmartin, ‘British migrants and Irish anxieties’, Social Identities (2013). There is a long history of migration from Britain to Ireland, but it is rarely theorised as migration. Drawing on historical and contemporary sources as well as ongoing qualitative research, this paper makes visible the extended presence of British nationals, as migrants, in Ireland. In […]

Settler Colonial Studies, Vol. 3, No. 3-4 (2013)  is now available on Taylor & Francis Online.  Patrick Wolfe, ‘Recuperating Binarism: a heretical introduction’, pages 257-279 Dean Itsuji Saranillio, ‘Why Asian settler colonialism matters: a thought piece on critiques, debates, and Indigenous difference’, pages 280-294 Manu Vimalassery, ‘The wealth of the Natives: toward a critique of settler […]

By removing the display of 2,977 flags, not only did the five protestors disrespect their fellow students who worked hard on setting up the display, but they also took away the chance for other students to remember the victims of the horrific attacks 12 years ago. These five student protestors should be immediately sent to […]

Craig A. Lockard, ‘Chinese Migration and Settlement in Southeast Asia Before 1850: Making Fields From the Sea’, History Compass 11, 9 (2013). Human migration is a central theme in world and Asian history, but important cases, among them Chinese who emigrated to other countries between ca. 1000 and 1850 CE, have been somewhat neglected in […]

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Has ‘race’ been a productive framework for thinking about Indigenous experience in Australia? In what ways have national histories cast the histories of dispossession and possession? How have Indigenous histories been shaped by transnational histories that move beyond static conceptions of colonial and national borders? Our panel argues that we need to rethink the writing […]