scs 3-4, 3 (2013) out now


Settler Colonial Studies, Vol. 3, No. 3-4 (2013) 

is now available on Taylor & Francis Online. 

Patrick Wolfe, ‘Recuperating Binarism: a heretical introduction’, pages 257-279

Dean Itsuji Saranillio, ‘Why Asian settler colonialism matters: a thought piece on critiques, debates, and Indigenous difference’, pages 280-294

Manu Vimalassery, ‘The wealth of the Natives: toward a critique of settler colonial political economy’, pages 295-310

Kevin Bruyneel, ‘The American liberal colonial tradition’, pages 311-321

Mark Rifkin, ‘Settler common sense’, pages 322-340

Ilan Pappe, ‘Revisiting 1967: the false paradigm of peace, partition and parity’, pages 341-351

Andrea Smith, ‘Voting and Indigenous disappearance’, pages 352-368

Sandy Grande, ‘Accumulation of the primitive: the limits of liberalism and the politics of occupy Wall Street’, pages 369-380

Sarah de Leeuw, Margo Greenwood & Nicole Lindsay, ‘Troubling good intentions’, pages 381-394

Ku‘ualoha Ho‘omanawanui, ‘Displacing place: ‘translating’ Pele in cyberspace’, pages 395-413

Enrique Lima, ‘Tribal nations, transnational Indigenous movements, and D’Arcy McNickle’, pages 414-425

Alissa Macoun & Elizabeth Strakosch, ‘The ethical demands of settler colonial theory’, pages 426-443

Joseph Bauerkemper, ‘Tensing, dancing, hoping: the future past of settler empire’, pages 444-450


Mathew Abbott on Political ontology and colonialism: impasses of theory and practice

Christopher Maginn on Making Ireland English: the Irish aristocracy in the seventeenth century

Amanda Nettelbeck on Indigenous crime and settler law: white sovereignty after empire

H. Glenn Penny on The American West and the Nazi East: a comparative and interpretive perspective


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