Fiji’s mainly indigenous party is backing a call for the word “Fijian” to be reserved only for the nation’s Indigenous people.

Three years ago, the coup-installed military government ruled that all citizens be referred to as “Fijian” regardless of ethnicity. Since then, the word “iTaukei”, which doesn’t distinguish between Indigenous Fijians and other Fijians, has been used in all official documents.


But Fiji’s biggest Hindu religious organisation disagrees, saying the rights of Indigenous people are entrenched in Fiji and there is no need for them to insist on exclusive use of the term “Fijian”. “”Fijian” is for every citizen of this country and this is what it should be. They should not try to own that word. […] All Fijian citizens should be known as “Fijian””, the general secretary of the Sanatan Dharam, Vijendra Prakash said.


ABC News.

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