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John Dugard and John Reynolds, ‘Apartheid, International Law, and the Occupied Palestinian Territory’, European Journal of International Law 24, 3 (2013). Apartheid is a loaded term; saturated with history and emotion. It conjures up images and memories of discrimination, oppression, and brutality; indulgence, privilege, and pretension; racism, resistance, and, ultimately, emancipation. All of which come […]

Call for Papers: Other People’s Country: Law, Water, Entitlement Special issue of Settler Colonial Studies (late 2014) Guest editors: Timothy Neale (University of Melbourne) and Stephen Turner (University of Auckland) There has been a tendency in settler colonial scholarship to focus, like settlers themselves, on land as the prime form of territory. But for indigenous groups, claims […]

According to the Commonwealth’s charter, member states should communicate and co-operate “in the common interests of our peoples and in the promotion of international understanding and world peace”. In its statement, The Gambian government said it had “withdrawn its membership of the British Commonwealth”. It said it had “decided that The Gambia will never be […]

Gregory S. Alexander, ‘The Complexities of Land Reparations’, Law & Social Inquiry (early view 2013). The question whether unjust dispossessions of land perpetrated on whole peoples in the past should be corrected by restitution in kind, that is, granting reparations in the form of returning land to the dispossessed former owners or their present-day successors, […]