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Fiji’s mainly indigenous party is backing a call for the word “Fijian” to be reserved only for the nation’s Indigenous people. Three years ago, the coup-installed military government ruled that all citizens be referred to as “Fijian” regardless of ethnicity. Since then, the word “iTaukei”, which doesn’t distinguish between Indigenous Fijians and other Fijians, has been […]

This is the structure of settler colonialism. One of the basic assumptions of your editorial—and virtually all other mainstream media coverage of Elsipogtog—is that colonialism happened sometime in the past, and since then Canada has done a lot to “right our historical wrongs.” When do you imagine colonialism stopped happening in Canada? When the last […]

The Insular Empire is a one-hour PBS documentary about America’s colonies in the western Pacific. Six thousand miles west of California, the Mariana Islands include the U.S. Territory of Guam and the U.S. Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (or CNMI). Although most Americans don’t believe the US is an empire, by many standards, these “insular […]

Lisa Slater, ‘Anxious Settler Belonging: Actualising the Potential for Making Resilient Postcolonial Subjects’, M/C Journal 16, 5 (2013). Bit in lieu of abstract: When I arrived in Aurukun, west Cape York, it was the heat that struck me first, knocking the city pace from my body, replacing it with a languor familiar to my childhood, […]

Lorenzo Veracini, ‘Why settler Australia needs refugees’, Arena Magazine 125 (2013). Australia’s newest refugee policy, like its predecessors, is ostensibly designed to address the refugee ‘problem’. However, in this article I argue that despite concerns about ‘national interest’, ‘security’, and ‘border protection’, asylum seekers – dehumanised people piled up in different configurations outside of Australia’s […]

Pooja Parmar, ‘Undoing Historical Wrongs: Law and Indigeneity in India’, Osgoode Hall Law Journal 49 (2012), 491-525 Beginning with a close look at a recent call by the Supreme Court of India to undo the historical injustices done to the “original inhabitants” of the country, this paper examines similar calls for justice made by Jaipal […]

And as we do, we draw inspiration from our founders, leaders of courage and audacity. Nearly 150 years ago, they looked beyond narrow self-interest. They faced down incredible challenges—geographic, military, and economic. They were undaunted. They dared to seize the moment that history offered. Pioneers, then few in number, reached across a vast continent. They […]

Dörte Lerp, ‘Farmers to the Frontier: Settler Colonialism in the Eastern Prussian Provinces and German Southwest Africa’,  Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History 41, 4 (2013). Special Issue: German Colonialism This article focuses on settler colonial practices and discourses within the German Empire. Between 1886 and 1914 German government officials funded and implemented settlement programmes […]

Jen Preston, ‘Neoliberal settler colonialism, Canada and the tar sands’ Race & Class 55, 2 (2013). The Canadian government commenced the treaty-making process with the Indigenous peoples of the Athabasca region in 1870, motivated by the Geological Survey of Canada’s reports that petroleum existed in the area. This, in addition to the discovery of gold […]