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Elizabeth Strakosch, ‘Contemporary Indigenous Affairs: Seeking the Radical Centre’, Australian Journal of Politics & History 59, 4 (2013). bit in lieu of abstract Indigenous policy in Australia appears to be following a pattern. Decades-long bipartisan stability breaks apart in rapid, highly partisan and controversial shifts to an alternative paradigm. A new consensus forms, and as the […]

Mori Ram, ‘White But Not Quite: Normalizing Colonial Conquests Through Spatial Mimicry’, Antipode 45, 5 (2013). The role of mimicry in the construction and deconstruction of social identities has enriched our understanding of power relations considerably. However, as a spatial practice, mimicry has received scant consideration. In what ways can space itself become an object […]

Suren Pillay, ‘The Marikana Massacre: South Africa’s Post-Apartheid Dissensus’, Economic and Political Weekly 48, 50 (2013). The story of the Marikana workers’ strife in South Africa suggests that the “migrant worker” is inadequately theorised as a political subject today. A more appropriate theorisation requires us to think more concretely about the migrant worker as the embodiment of […]

Nicola Robinson, ‘Utopian Zionist development in Theodor Herzl’s Altneuland‘, Green Letters: Studies in Ecocriticism 17, 3 (2013). Theodor Herzl’s Altneuland depicts the opening stages of the Zionist settler-colonial project in Mandate Palestine at the beginning of the twentieth century. Specifically, Herzl represents land use, agricultural labour and Zionist collectivism, in other words the material means […]

Christopher J Lee, ‘Beyond analogy: bare life in the West Bank’, Postcolonial Studies (iFirst 2013). Interview and photographs.

Kieran Dolin, ‘”A Beautiful Fiction of Law”‘: Rhetorical Engagements with Terra Nullius in the British Periodical Press in the 1840s’, Journal of Victorian Culture 18, 4 (2013). This paper analyses two critiques of the jurisprudential basis of settler colonialism in Australia published in the early Victorian periodical press. Review articles in the North British Review […]

Tina Dafnos, ‘Pacification and Indigenous Struggles in Canada’, Socialist Studies (2013). Front-line police operations are deeply entwined with less visible activities – or practices not commonly identified as policing – that are carried out by a wide range of participants as strategies of settler-colonial pacification operating through the organizing logics of security and liberal legalism. […]

Bain Attwood, ‘Law, History and Power: The British Treatment of Aboriginal Rights in New South Wales’, Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History (2013). In recent decades historians have devoted considerable attention to the historical treatment of indigenous title in Anglophone settler colonies. These scholarly accounts have tended to emphasise the role metropolitan legal and intellectual […]

James V. Fenelon and Clifford E. Trafzer, ‘From Colonialism to Denial of California Genocide to Misrepresentations: Special Issue on Indigenous Struggles in the Americas’, American Behavioral Scientist 58, 1 (2014). ‘Indigenous peoples’ complex analytical issues include historical misrepresentation, struggles over sovereignty and autonomy, and Euro-American “conquest” including invasion, genocide, culturicide, and coercive assimilation, ranging over […]