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Jens-Uwe Guettel, ”The US frontier as rationale for the Nazi east? Settler colonialism and genocide in Nazi-occupied Eastern Europe and the American West, Journal of Genocide Research 15, 4 (2013). Many scholars of German and Native American history and the field of genocide studies argue that during World War II the Nazis’ genocidal attempt to […]

Peter Minter, ‘Archipelagos of sense: Thinking about a decolonised Australian poetics’, Southerly 73, 1 (2013). Even before the invention of travel, there was a breeze, salt water, littoral sand and the bush. The wood was ten thousand miles away, or perhaps just there over the range if, like Henry Kendall, you could “set your face […]

Jimmy Casas Klausen, Jeremy Waldron’s Partial Kant: Indigenous Proximity, Colonial Injustice, Cultural Particularism’, Polity (2013). Over the past two decades, liberal political theorist Jeremy Waldron has frequently cited Kant’s Metaphysics of Morals in order to claim that unavoidable proximity normatively demands that persons from different cultural backgrounds abide by and actively participate in a common […]

Andrea Smith, ‘Settler Sites of Memory and the Work of Mourning’, French Politics, Culture & Society 31, 3 (2013). Since their arrival in France in the early 1960s, former settlers of Algeria have developed an array of private and public “sites of memory” projects that have remained unnoticed in wider French society or have been […]