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Marjo Lindroth & Heidi Sinevaara-Niskanen, ‘Adapt or Die? The Biopolitics of Indigeneity—From the Civilising Mission to the Need for Adaptation’, Global Society 28, 2 (2014). Indigenous peoples and indigenous lives have historically been the targets of colonial practices. In current politics, the brutal actions these entailed have changed into more subtle forms of governing. Drawing […]

Heather Sykes, ‘Un-settling sex: researcher self-reflexivity, queer theory and settler colonial studies’, Qualitative Research in Sport, Exercise and Health (2014). This paper uses self-reflexive personal narratives to examine how queer research about sexuality in sport studies is implicated in both historical and ongoing processes of settler colonialism. Like feminist research, queer research has to be critically […]

Alex Alvarez, Native America and the Question of Genocide (Rowman, 2014). Did Native Americans suffer genocide? This controversial question lies at the heart of Native America and the Question of Genocide. After reviewing the various meanings of the word genocide, author Alex Alvarez examines a range of well-known examples, such as the Sand Creek Massacre […]

Yogi Hale Hendlin, ‘From Terra Nullius to Terra Communis: Reconsidering Wild Land in an Era of Conservation and Indigenous Rights’, Environmental Philosophy (early view, 2014). This article argues that understanding “wild” land as terra nullius (“land belonging to no one”) emerged during historical colonialism, entered international law, and became entrenched in national constitutions and cultural mores […]

Dawn Hoogeveen, ‘Sub-surface Property, Free-entry Mineral Staking and Settler Colonialism in Canada’, Antipode (early view, 2014). This article examines mineral rights and claim staking in northern Canada, with a focus on settler colonialism and how liberal understandings of property are embedded in the legal geography of the right to explore for minerals. The history of […]

Karen Fox, ‘Ornamentalism, Empire and Race: Indigenous Leaders and Honours in Australia and New Zealand’, Journal of Imperialism and Commonwealth History ifirst (2014). The imperial honours system, David Cannadine has argued, was a means for binding together ‘the British proconsular elite’ and ‘indigenous colonial elites’ throughout the settler colonies and dominions of the British Empire […]

Settler Colonial Studies, Vol. 4, No. 2 (2014)  is now available on Taylor & Francis Online.  roundtable Erik Altenbernd & Alex Trimble Young, ‘Introduction: The significance of the frontier in an age of transnational history’. Jodi A. Byrd, ‘Follow the typical signs: settler sovereignty and its discontents’. Margaret D. Jacobs, ‘Parallel or intersecting tracks? The history […]

Henry Heller, ‘Marx’s Capital as History’, International Critical Thought 4, 1 (2014). David Harvey asserts that Marx’s Capital is devoted to a rigorous examination of capitalism as an economic system. According to Harvey, history as such is for the most part absent. The following analysis acknowledges that the economics of capitalism is fundamental to Marx’s […]

Singapore Journal of Tropical Geography 35, 1 (2014). SPECIAL ISSUE ON ADVANCING POSTCOLONIAL GEOGRAPHIES

Howard Williams, ‘Colonialism in Kant’s Political Philosophy’, Diametros 39 (2014). This article examines the controversy that has arisen concerning the interpretation of Immanuel Kant’s account of European colonialism. One the one hand there are those interpreters such as Robert Bernasconi who see Kant’s account as all of a piece with his earlier views on race […]