scs 4, 2 (2014)


Settler Colonial Studies, Vol. 4, No. 2 (2014) 

is now available on Taylor & Francis Online. 


Erik Altenbernd & Alex Trimble Young, ‘Introduction: The significance of the frontier in an age of transnational history’.

Jodi A. Byrd, ‘Follow the typical signs: settler sovereignty and its discontents’.

Margaret D. Jacobs, ‘Parallel or intersecting tracks? The history of the US West and comparative settler colonialism’.

Laura J. Mitchell, ‘Global context, local objects, and cultural frontiers: unsettling South Africa’s national history in four moves’.

Aziz Rana, ‘Settler wars and the national security state’.

Mark Rifkin, ‘The frontier as (movable) space of exception’.

John Mack Faragher, ‘Commentary: Settler colonial studies and the North American frontier’.


Marc Woons, ‘Decolonizing Canadian citizenship: shared belonging, not shared identity’.

Mohammad Sakhnini, ‘Walking, telling and resisting in Raja Shehadeh’s Palestinian Walks’.


Gerald Power on The roots of English colonialism in Ireland

Dana M. Linda on Creole indigeneity: between myth and nation in the Caribbean


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