south african rap music and the elimination of the indians


The rappers said they belonged to Mazibuye African Forum, a group that advocates the reversal of black economic empowerment benefits for Indian people, Chinese and white women. Co-founder of the forum, Zweli Sangweni said he did not know whether the rappers were in fact members of the organisation, but argued that the song should not be taken literally or opportunities for dialogue would be missed. 

“Issues of Indians going back to India are far-fetched, and we all know that, but you can’t use those lyrics to suppress dialogue, because that would be disingenuous and amounts to trying to protect the status quo. We need to confront the issues that give rise to these songs. Our leaders need to respond as leaders and address economic imbalances being spoken about.” 

Kwanele Sosibo for M&G.

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  1. 1 omalone1

    Gwiz, the situation in SA continues to intrigue
    one wonders if those in North Africa also want those of an islamic-invader background to return to Arabia…or where-ever?

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