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Gregory S. Alexander, ‘The Complexities of Land Reparations’, Law & Social Inquiry 39, 4 (2014). The question whether unjust dispossessions of land perpetrated on whole peoples in the past should be corrected by restitution in kind, that is, granting reparations in the form of returning land to the dispossessed former owners or their present-day successors, is substantially […]

He became the leader of a group of like-minded people, who attempted to realise this objective of a Welsh-speaking, self-governing, democratic and Nonconformist Wales overseas. A number of locations were considered, including Palestine, and Vancouver Island in Canada, but they eventually agreed upon the Chubut Valley in Patagonia – a remote area of South America, […]

Fenn Stewart, ‘Grey Owl in the White Settler Wilderness: “Imaginary Indians” in Canadian Culture and Law’, Law, Culture and the Humanities (first published on October 8, 2014) This article considers Grey Owl’s tenure in Saskatchewan’s Prince Albert National Park as a “telling instance” of the ways in which iconic Canadian wilderness spaces have been constructed in […]

Recent criticism of the field in Decolonization 3, 2 (2014), featuring Snelgrove, Corntassel, and Dhamoon, and Australian Historical Studies 45, 3 (2014), featuring Rowse, Veracini, and Johnson.

Settler Colonial Literatures in Comparison (ACLA — March 26-29, 2015. Seattle, Washington) We are inviting papers for a seminar to be hosted at the American Comparative Literature Association’s 2015 Annual Meeting, in Seattle, Washington on March 26-29. This seminar explores how settler colonial studies contribute to our study of comparative literature, both within and beyond […]

Robert Nichols, ‘The Colonialism of Incarceration’, Radical Philosophy Review (online on September 20, 2014). This essay attends to the specificity of indigenous peoples’ political critique of state power and territorialized sovereignty in the North American context as an indispensible resource for realizing the decolonizing potential latent within the field of critical prison studies. I argue that although […]

Contributions are sought for the following seminar, to be held during the 2015 Annual Conference of the American Comparative Literature Association (ACLA, March 26-29, Seattle, U.S.A). CULTURES OF SETTLEMENT AND UNSETTLEMENT Organizer: Bruno Cornellier, University of Winnipeg Our seminar wishes to return to some of cultural studies’ earlier, formative insights about culture and hegemony, but this […]

The lawsuit, filed last week at Vancouver Federal Court, alleges that Chief Giesbrecht breached his duty to “obtain the free, prior and informed consent” of his people before extinguishing a claim to aboriginal title.   More at the National Post.

Paul Moon, ‘The Influence of ‘Benthamite’ Philosophies on British Colonial Policy on New Zealand in the Era of the Treaty of Waitangi, Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History (Published online: 03 Sep 2014). Most of the recent historiography on the British presence in the South Pacific in the first half of the nineteenth century rightly reflects […]

Simone Bignall, Daryl Rigney & Robert Hattam, ‘The Postcolonial Time That Remains’, Interventions (Published online: 27 Aug 2014). Sovereign authority to establish the colony of South Australia was given by Letters Patent (1836), signed by King William IV. The Letters Patent made explicit provision for the recognition and protection of Indigenous rights and interests in traditional lands […]