cfp: cultures of settlement and unsettlement @ acla seattle


Contributions are sought for the following seminar, to be held during the 2015 Annual Conference of the American Comparative Literature Association (ACLA, March 26-29, Seattle, U.S.A).


Organizer: Bruno Cornellier, University of Winnipeg

Our seminar wishes to return to some of cultural studies’ earlier, formative insights about culture and hegemony, but this time in conversation with current developments in Indigenous and settler colonial studies, two complementary fields that offer us ways to dialectically connect postcolonial concerns over movement (conquest, migration, diaspora, etc.) with the anchoring violence of settlement and occupation. Most recently, Mark Rifkin momentarily went back to Raymond Williams’ work on hegemony and the everyday life in order to argue that settler colonial occupation is indeed supported by culture enabling one’s readiness to assume and enjoy the experience of occupation as one of banality and certainty. We are complementarily led to observe how settler state policies are often predicated on the belief that the State can and must reform and monitor Indigenous lives at the level of their everyday banality and mundane occurrences, for instance in kinship, labor, housing, family life, sexuality, etc. This seminar seeks critical contributions to the study of settler cultures and settler cultural texts as they “document” (deliberately or not) their conditions of production as colonial texts (or as text imbued with a specific coloniality). We are also interested in how acts of reading, viewing, or producing cultural texts likewise constitute an event during which the (conflicting) modes of occupancy and personhood of settlers, Natives, and arrivants are felt, asserted, and/or contested, sanctioned and/or unsettled, naturalized, reformed, or made to feel strange to themselves.


Please send your proposals directly via ACLA’s website by October 15. You may also contact the organizer prior to submitting your proposal if you have any questions or concerns about the seminar (or the seminar format privileged by ACLA):

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