scs 5, 1 (2015)


Settler Colonial Studies, Vol. 5, No. 1 (2015) 

is now available on Taylor & Francis Online. 


Robert L. Nelson, ‘A German on the Prairies: Max Sering and settler colonialism in Canada’

Michael McCrossan, ‘Contaminating and collapsing Indigenous space: judicial narratives of Canadian territoriality’

Robert K. Hitchcock, Maria Sapignoli & Wayne A. Babchuk, ‘Settler colonialism, conflicts, and genocide: interactions between hunter-gatherers and settlers in Kenya, and Zimbabwe and northern Botswana’

Emily Lewsen, ‘Reeled in: the settlement project and the evacuation of an Israeli fishing village from Gaza’

Arnon Yehuda Degani, ‘The decline and fall of the Israeli Military Government, 1948–1966: a case of settler-colonial consolidation?’


Jana-Rae Yerxa, ‘Refuse to live quietly!’


Adam J. Barker, ‘The third space of sovereignty: the postcolonial politics of U.S.-Indigenous relations’

Adam Carmichael, ‘Hunger, horses, and government men: criminal law on the aboriginal plains, 1870-1905’

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