On self-determination as a principle in international law: a special issue of Ethnopolitics


Special Issue: Self-determination—A Double-edged Principle. See especially:

Oded Haklai, ‘From Independent Statehood to Minority Rights: The Evolution of National Self-determination as an International Order Principle in the Post-State Formation Era’, Ethnopolitics,14, 5 , 2015, pp. 461-469.

Abstract: The principle of self-determination has evolved considerably over the past century. Whereas in the twentieth century, it provided the premise for independent statehood, in the twenty-first century, the focus has shifted to minority rights within existing states. This article traces and explains the reasons for this evolution.

Mark R. Beissinger,’Self-determination as a Technology of Imperialism: The Soviet and Russian Experiences’, Ethnopolitics,14, 5 , 2015, pp. 479-487.

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