Colonising life-forms: Rob Hardy, ‘Bee Line: How the Honey Bee Defined the American Frontier’, Readings – a journal for scholars and readers, 2, 1, 2016


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William Cullen Bryant, ‘The Bee’ (1832)

The bee,
A more adventurous colonist than man,
Fills the savannas with his murmurings,
And hides his sweets, as in the golden age,
Within the hollow oak. I listen long
To his domestic hum, and think I hear
The sound of that advancing multitude
Which soon shall fill these deserts. From the ground
Comes up the laugh of children, the soft voice
Of maidens, and the sweet solemn hymn
Of Sabbath worshippers. The low of herds
Blends with the rustling of the heavy grain
Over the dark-brown furrows. All at once
A fresher wind sweeps by, and breaks my dream,
And I am in the wilderness alone.


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