‘Settler Colonial Theory in Latin America and the Caribbean’, 21 June 2017, Swansea University


Rationale: This one day workshop kindly supported by the Institute of Latin American Studies and the OWRI Cross-Language Dynamics project will bring together an interdisciplinary group of scholars engaging with settler colonial theory and its application in Latin American and the Caribbean (LAC). Seldom is LAC considered within the ambit of Settler Colonial Studies, and settler colonialism in the region is not often theorized using insights from other settler contexts. Our aim is to bridge these gaps, asking how SCS might enrich interpretation of Latin American and Caribbean society, and how reflection on LAC might in turn enrich settler colonial theory. Designed as a brainstorming conversation to develop a field of enquiry, this event hosted by CECSAM (Swansea University’s Centre for the Comparative Study of the Americas) will enable a much-needed conversation about a theoretical framework that has significant potential to shape analysis of societies in LAC, but also to foreground the LAC region in academic debates outside the area studies niche.

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