Settler food replaces to destroy: Kristin Burnett, Travis Hay, Lori Chambers, ‘Settling the Table: Northern Food Subsidy Programs and the (Re)Colonisation of Indigenous Bodies’, Critical Race and Whiteness Studies, 11, 1, 2015


Abstract: In the post-World War Two period, the federal government of Canada initiated a series of food subsidy programs (the Food Mail Program and Nutrition North Canada) and nutrition and health education initiatives that were officially intended to address hunger and malnourishment in Northern Indigenous communities by imposing settler foodways on Indigenous people. Interrogating food subsidy programs and nutrition and health education initiatives as part of a broader settler colonial project of Indigenous elimination, this paper reveals the ways in which the Canadian federal state employs contemporary discourses of development and humanitarianism to legitimise and normalise its presence and actions in Northern Indigenous territories.

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