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Excerpt: Historians of Mexican Texas rarely study the empresario grants that failed. Scholars generally relegate the unfulfilled contracts that Mexico awarded to land agents to populate its northern territories to footnotes or brief paragraphs, while the success stories continue to produce books and articles.

Excerpt: The African diasporic subject encounters the territories of occupied North America within a ‘post abduction existence’. Contemporary manifestations of state violence and dehumanization are reproductions of generational legacies of mass incarceration, apartheid and slavery imposed upon those racialized by categories developed to alienate the original class of abductees. In 1988, the American hip hop […]

Abstract: Over the past forty or so years, many Indigenous peoples in former settler colonies have fought for, and in many instances won, recognition of their rights to have the bodily remains of their ancestors returned from Western museums and other scientific institutions for burial. It has been a remarkable achievement. However, as this article […]

Description: This book is an antidote to the ideas of American white hetero-settler masculinity, prowess, and exceptionalism that are currently being flexed on the global stage. Through a fascinating combination of ethnographic research across six US states and an application of anti-colonial, feminist, andpoststructuralist theories, Land, God and Gunsreveals how time-honored rationalities and rites of passage […]

Abstract: This paper intervenes in orthodox understandings of Aotearoa New Zealand’s colonial history to elucidate another history that is not widely recognised. This is a financial history of colonisation which, while implicit in existing accounts, is peripheral and often incidental to the central narrative. Undertaking to reread Aotearoa New Zealand’s early colonial history from 1839 […]

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Abstract: This essay investigates how genre petrofictions of the North American oil boom engage with Indigenous perspectives and narratives. We find that most of these texts mirror the abuses that created our petroreality through a process of Indigenous-washing, which involves dismissing Indigenous peoples as complex individuals and sovereign entities and replacing them with strapping petro-heroes. […]

Abstract: Although transitional justice has been mobilized to address violence perpetrated under regimes of settler colonialism that are also established liberal democracies, this article theorizes the inability of paradigmatic transitional justice to confront settler colonialism. The liberal teleology of transitional justice risks working to realize the self-supersessionist goal of replacing the colony with a ‘post-colonial’, […]

Abstract: Since the twentieth century Canadian political scientists, government and society have become increasingly aware of the need to address the various effects and realities of colonialism. This has been a positive step forward for Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples alike and has led to various steps toward ‘reconciliation’ if not decolonization. And yet, the predominant, […]

Description: Settling the Good Land: Governance and Promotion in John Winthrop’s New England (1630-1650) is the first institutional history of the Massachusetts Bay Company, cornerstone of early modern English colonisation in North America. Agnès Delahaye analyses settlement as a form of colonial innovation, to reveal the political significance of early New England sources, above and beyond […]