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Abstract: Urban greening is a buzz term in urban policy and research settings in Australia and elsewhere. In a context of settler colonial urbanism, like Australia, a first fact becomes clear: urban greening is always being practiced on unceded Indigenous lands. Recognising this requires some honest reckoning with how this latest urban policy response perpetuates […]

Abstract: In thinking through Indigenous-Blackness in colonial Canada, we explored the ramifications of the intersections of mixed-blood Indigenous-Black identity with colonialism, racism, gender, and social determinants of health, and how the outcomes of such intersections manifest as erasure, racism, and fractured identity. This critical research is nested within the larger Proclaiming Our Roots project, which uses an […]

Abstract: This article examines current manifestations of Zionist political-economy by analyzing discourses that frame Israel as a “Start-Up Nation”—that is, a unique economic achievement that offers a successful business model for the world. By focusing on the 2009 book from the Council of Foreign Relations, Start-Up Nation, this article theorizes “neoliberal Zionism” as a manifestation of […]

Abstract: This article works to clarify the dynamics of Jews, white supremacy, and Christian hegemony in the United States by addressing Karl Marx’s attention to the “free states of North America” in his infamous review essay “On the Jewish Question” (1844). Marx’s review discloses both the Christian form of subjectivity universalized by political emancipation and […]

Excerpt: This special issue of Hypatia aims to cultivate and encourage theorizing about Indigenous1 philosophies and decolonizing methodologies. Although feminist theorizing has explored the diverse legacies and experiences of marginalized voices, including Indigenous concerns, philosophy has failed to acknowledge and systematically examine its own role in perpetuating colonial oppression. This special issue aims to explore […]

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Excerpt: On 11 November 1965, the Southern African colony of Southern Rhodesia unilaterally declared independence from Britain. Incensed by the ‘winds of change’ blowing through the continent, the white settler state broke off negotiations with Harold Wilson’s Labour government, and decided to go it alone. Britain, having handed political autonomy to the Rhodesian government (along with […]

Abstract: The present article addresses the changes of temporalities within a prolonged displacement process, which has been taking place in the Palestinian city of Jaffa while under Israeli rule. Various temporal perspectives have been imposed by the Israeli authorities on the emptied historical Palestinian neighborhoods, such as terra sine tempore and “ahistorical” narratives. In Al-’Ajami neighborhood, where […]

Description: In the post-colonial era, tribal peoples are particularly vulnerable to new technologies and industrialization, which threaten their cultures, homelands and ways of living. However, there is a surprising exception to this trend in the form of social media. This book explores how tribal and indigenous peoples across the globe are using social media such […]

Excerpt: “It was a joke, you’re just too sensitive – toughen up.” “Uh, I’m not racist. You’re racist for calling me racist. Actually, that’s reverse racism!” “I didn’t do that; I wasn’t even alive then.” “Maybe it’s just all in your head.” “We’re all human, aren’t we?” You would be hard pressed to find a […]