No settler colonialism in outer space! Frank Tavares, ‘Ethical Exploration and the Role of Planetary Protection in Disrupting Colonial Practices’, ARXIV, 2020


Excerpt: All of humanity is a stakeholder in how we, the planetary science and astrobiology community, engage with other worlds. Violent colonial practices and structures–genocide, land appropriation, resource extraction, environmental devastation, and more–have governed exploration of Earth, and if not actively dismantled, will define the methodologies and mindset we carry forward into space exploration. With sample return missions from Mars underway, resource maps of the Moon being produced, and private industry progressing toward human exploration of Mars, the timeline is urgent to develop a modern, inclusive, robust, and enforceable policy framework to govern humanity’s engagement with other worlds. This paper does not recommend specific policies or implementation strategies, and instead focuses on “the identification of planetary protection considerations,” in accordance with the scope of this decadal survey. Ethical considerations must be prioritized in the formation of planetary protection policy. The choices we make in the next decade of space exploration will dictate the future of humanity’s presence on other worlds, with the potential to impact the environments we interact with on timescales longer than the human species has existed. We should make these choices consciously and carefully, as many will be irreversible, especially those pertaining to how we interact with potential extraterrestrial life.

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