New contradictions, new settlements! William Costa, ‘German-speaking Covid denialists seek to build paradise in Paraguay’, The Guardian, 27/01/22


Excerpt: A group of German, Austrian and Swiss immigrants has implanted an ideologically driven settlement in one of the country’s poorest regions. A 1,600-hectare (4,000-acre) gated community, dubbed El Paraíso Verde, or the Green Paradise, is being carved out of the fertile red earth of Caazapá, one of Paraguay’s poorest regions. The community’s population – consisting mainly of German, Austrian and Swiss immigrants – will eventually swell from 150 to 3,000, according to the owners. The project’s website bills it as “by far the largest urbanization and settlement project in South America”, describing the colony as a refuge from “socialist trends of current economic and political situations worldwide” – as well as “5G, chemtrails, fluoridated water, mandatory vaccinations and healthcare mandates”.

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