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Abstract: This article examines Catherine Helen Spence’s Autobiography through the lens of settler colonial sociability. It argues that Spence strategically depicts associational life in the Autobiography to showcase for her readers a version of organized settler colonial sociability that envisages a role for White, middle-class urban women in the construction and expansion of settler colonial Australia. Spence’s literary and […]

Abstract: This contribution discusses the current surge of Mars colonization narratives both in science and culture, and the ways these narratives are received and circulated in current ecocritical debates on a multiplanetary future of humanity. This analysis in this contribution takes its cue from the representation of the California wildfires of 2020 as an anthropogenic spectacle […]

Excerpt: This same matrix is inhered within all forms of infrastructure; in other words, infrastructure is the how of settler colonialism.

Description: Were the Dutch-Africans in southern Africa a brother nation to the Dutch or did they simply represent a lost colony? Connecting primary sources in Dutch and Afrikaans, this work tells the story of the Dutch stamverwantschap (kinship) movement between 1847 and 1900. The white Dutch-Africans were imagined to be the bridgehead to a broader Dutch identity […]

Description: This book investigates how ideas of and discourses about Europe have been affected by images of the Mediterranean Sea and its many worlds from the nineteenth century onwards. Surprisingly, modern scholars have often neglected such an influence and, in fact, in most histories of the idea of Europe the Mediterranean is conspicuously absent. This […]

Description: Addresses the subject of settler colonial identity and settler-indigenous relations through the prism of food. Provides rich, original, innovative and empirical contributions from a wide range of geographic case studies. Takes a multi-disciplinary approach, in a global comparative framework.

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Abstract: Domestic settler writing has long remained a largely overlooked by-product of imperial expansion and the resultant exportation of popular culture. Global nineteenth-century studies may offer an opportunity to reconsider this admittedly amorphous set of writing from a newly unifying perspective. Approaching these texts through different lenses does more than bring them to renewed scholarly […]

Abstract: The field of settler colonial studies has made huge strides in recent years toward problematizing the establishment of the United States on stolen land and the nation’s steady, violent expansion across the continent. Settler colonial framework provides a rich opportunity for historians of the American West to reframe white settlement on the frontier, especially […]

Abstract: For Jewish Israelis in the West Bank settlement of Alfei Menashe, nostalgia for the early years of settlement entails a fantasy of coexistence with Palestinians. This fantasy responds to contemporary peacemaking discourses, reimagining the role of settlement from a practice engendering conflict to one that is an integral part of the peacemaking project. Settler […]