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Excerpt: Settler colonialism entails an outside community’s seizure of lands and resources from the original inhabitants of a territory.1 But more than this, these outsiders, or settlers, seek to supplant and erase the lands’ original inhabitants.2 These twin processes of settler colonialism—physical and ideological erasure— have been ongoing in the United States.3 Over the course […]

Excerpt: “The Republic of Liberia arises from Cape Mesurado, the middle of the West African coast, like an angel of light from a cloud of darkness, with the trumpet of the everlasting Gospel in her right hand, and the glitter-ing jewels of civilization in her left— the magnificent gift of America to Africa“.

Excerpt: Canada’s residential schools were a system of ‘cultural genocide,’ a commission found.

Abstract: Settler colonies such as those in Australia during the nineteenth century were rife with myths. One myth in particular bears witness to a complex matrix of colonial relations, in which race and gender intersected in the definition of who could be counted as a “respectable” member of the settler population. “Neither black nor white,” […]

Abstract: Settler colonial studies have enjoyed rapid growth as a field of scholarly inquiry since the 1990s. Scholars of settler colonialism distinguish it from other forms of colonialism—for example, extractive, planation, or trade colonialism—by positing that settlers move en masse to foreign lands with the intention of staying or permanently settling. Settlers therefore covet the […]

Abstract: Indigenous peoples have always had their educational strategies and systems in place to pass on their Ways of Knowing from one generation to the next. Indigenous education is an ongoing process in which the curriculum comes from the land, language, and community from where their ancestors emerged. Many systems and Ways of Knowing have […]

Description: This groundbreaking book analyzes the dramatic impact of Han Chinese migration into Inner Mongolia during the Qing era. In the first detailed history in English, Yi Wang explores how processes of commercial expansion, land reclamation, and Catholic proselytism transformed the Mongol frontier long before it was officially colonized and incorporated into the Chinese state. […]

Description: Indigenous Peoples Rise Up: The Global Ascendency of Social Media Activism illustrates the impact of social media in expanding the nature of Indigenous communities and social movements. Social media has bridged distance, time, and nation states to mobilize Indigenous peoples to build coalitions across the globe and to stand in solidarity with one another. These […]

Excerpt: ‘the court affirmed in Kagama, like it has for nearly two centuries, that Indian country sat apart from states and was instead subject to congressional and federal authority. Put simply, states had no business in tribal affairs. That decision and others like it – however imperfect and drenched in conquest they were – supposedly […]

Abstract: Between 1935 and 1941, fascist Italy built an empire in East Africa at a speed and intensity never before seen in the world. Making Fascist Empire Work examines how Italy was able to undertake and organize this intensive, totalizing colonization. Analyzing four colonizing enterprises – an extensive mining concession in Wallega, the Bank of […]