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Americans have been showing their independent streak for thousand of years. Samples of fossilized faeces from caves in Oregon show that two distinct tool-making cultures lived side by side more than 13,000 years ago. And a genetic analysis of living Native Americans from dozens of cultures indicates that, in prehistory, North and South America were […]

Amanda Nettelbeck & Robert Foster, ‘“As fine a body of men”: how the Canadian Mountie brought law and order to the memory of the Australian frontier’, Journal of Australian Studies 36, 2 (2012).  Primary amongst the legal instruments that would implement British law across Britain’s Empire were colonial mounted police forces, and one of their […]

Natalia Ilyniak, ‘Colonialism and Relocation: An Exploration of Genocide and the Relocation of Animist Aboriginal Groups in Canada’, Journal of Religion and Culture: Conference Proceedings. 17th Annual Graduate Interdisciplinary Conference, Concordia University. Montreal, QC (March 2012). This exploratory paper looks at the potentially genocidal effects of community relocation and the imposition of capitalist time upon […]

The most recent Canadian Historical Review 93, 2 (2012) contains the Garneau Roundtable on John C. Weaver’s influential book, The Great Land Rush and the Making of the Modern World, 1650-1900 (2003).   For those indebted to Weaver for his incredible comparative history of settler colonialism, it is certainly worth checking out the views of Bill […]

Rebecca Hall, ‘Diamond Mining in Canada’s Northwest Territories: A Colonial Continuity’, Antipode (early view 2012). The Canadian diamond industry has been lauded as a new approach to resource extraction, one whose institutions are characterized by a greater attention to Indigenous rights and the environment. However, an institutional analysis obfuscates the terrain of unequal relations that […]



From this useful online piece on scrip and treaties in the Canadian Northwest.

Journal of Colonialism and Colonial History 13, 1 (2012). Ann Curthoys, ‘Indigenous People and Settler Self Government: Introduction’. Zoë Laidlaw, ‘Slavery, Settlers and Indigenous Dispossession: Britain’s empire through the lens of Liberia’. Rachel Standfield, ‘Protection, Settler Politics and Indigenous Politics in the work of William Thomas’. Mark McKenna, ‘Transplanted to Savage Shores: Indigenous Australians and […]

In their influential work on settler colonialism, Patrick Wolfe and Lorenzo Veracini explained that settler societies are not only predicated upon the structural elimination of Indigenous societies, but also on a historical trajectory culminating in settler colonialism’s own self-suppression. This accounts for recent scholarly efforts to deconstruct rhetorical and discursive attempts to represent our multicultural, […]

Allan Greer, ‘Commons and Enclosure in North America’, American Historical Review 117, 2 (2012). Opening paragraphs: What were the broad processes by which settlers of European stock created new forms of tenure and wrested control of lands from indigenous peoples, first in the Americas and later across wide stretches of Africa and Oceania? Anyone interested […]