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Adrian Guelke, ‘THE FLEXIBILITY OF NORTHERN IRELAND UNIONISTS AND AFRIKANER NATIONALISTS IN COMPARATIVE PERSPECTIVE’, Working Papers in British-Irish Studies No. 99, 2010 Abstract: A common feature of comparisons of Northern Ireland and South Africa prior to South Africa’s transition and the Northern Ireland peace process was the siege mentality of the dominant communities in the […]

My work began in the late 1980s with examinations of how people think about risk, health and the environment and how such scientific topics unfold in mass media. And when science issues impact American Indians, I figure that’s a bonus—at least for my research. I could not examine Indians as objects of interest, but I […]

Brazilian historians are well familiar with the Brazilianists: American scholars who travel to the Latin American country’s archives looking, one might say, to encounter themselves as Americans. From her interesting H-Net review, ‘The Pitfalls of the Transnational Approach to Race and Nation in Brazil and the United States’, which looks at Seigel’s Uneven Encounters: Making […]

The Canberra Times, Thursday 9 July 1953, p. 6. via Trove Newspapers

Ethics and research I teach social science research methods and students learn that great care must be taken to prevent harming anyone in the name of research. In fact, if people are involved in a research project on our campus (as opposed to inanimate objects such as films or political speeches) then a review committee […]

Nearly 2 million high school students worldwide are taking Advanced Placement tests this May, hoping to impress college admissions counselors with high scores and, perhaps, earn a few college credits. But one test question citing the late Palestinian-American scholar and activist Edward Said on the theme of exile is prompting protests from some Jewish students. […]

Andrew Dawson and Matthew Lange, ‘Dividing and Ruling the World? A Statistical Test of the Effects of Colonialism on Postcolonial Civil Violence’, Social Forces 88, 2, 2009 abstract To test claims that postcolonial civil violence is a common legacy of colonialism, we create a dataset on the colonial heritage of 160 countries and explore whether […]

Christa Scholtz, ‘Land Claim Negotiations And Indigenous Claimant Legibility In Canada And New Zealand’, Political Science 62, 1 (2010) In 1973 Canada instituted a land claims negotiation policy. Records reveal that the government felt reasonably confident that Indian bands, on average, represented defined political actors with whom the federal government could engage in a negotiation […]

Georgia Shiells, ‘Immigration History and Whiteness Studies: American and Australian Approaches Compared’, History Compass 8, 8 (2010) Abstract The emergence of whiteness studies as a discrete field of academic enquiry has had important implications across a range of fields, including history. In particular, insights drawn from whiteness studies can be fruitfully applied to the study […]