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Seth Korman, ‘Indigenous Ancestral Lands and Customary International Law’, University of Hawai ‘i Law Review 32 (2009-2010), pp. 391-463. In lieu of an abstract, here’s part of the introduction: The debate over the existence of customary law protecting the land rights of indigenous peoples is relatively new. While there is commentary and scholarship on the emergence […]

Indigenous Law Journal 8, 1 (2010) Table of Contents: Bessie Mainville ‘Traditional Native Culture and Spirituality: A Way of Life That Governs Us Community Voices’, pp. 1-6. Kent McNeil, ‘Reconciliation and Third-Party Interests: Tsilhqot’in Nation v. British Columbia’, pp. 7-26. Emily Luther, ‘Whose Distinctive Culture – Aboriginal Feminism and R. v. Van der Peet’, pp. […]

Perhaps “ethnohistory” has been so called to separate it from “real” history, the study of the supposedly civilized. Yet what is clear from the study of ethnohistory is that the subjects of the two kinds of history are the same. The more ethnohistory we know, the more clearly “their” history and “our” history emerge as […]

Howard Pyle (1853-1911). The Connecticut Settlers Entering The Western Reserve. Oil On Canvas.

Call for papers, Borderlands as Physical Reality: Producing Place in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries, London, Oct 21-22 2011. Call for papers, ‘Calling the Law into Question: Confronting the Illegal and Illicit in Public Arenas’, Radical History Review # 113. Call for papers, Interrogating Complicities: Postcolonial, Queer and the Threat of the Normative, Minnesota, Nov 15-16 […]

Mary N. Harris, ‘Irish Americans and the Pursuit of Irish Independence’, European migrants, diasporas and indigenous ethnic minorities, ed. Matjaz Klemencic, Mary N. Harris (Pisa: Plus-Pisa University Press, 2009). Abstract: This chapter examines the role of Irish Americans in supporting and initiating a range of political campaigns in Ireland since the early 19th century. Some […]

In one of the most genteel families in Cape Town an Irishman is kept, for no other apparent purpose but that of improving the stock of the slaves. The children of this man are the fairest and handsomest slave children I have seen in South Africa. British Anti-Slavery propaganda, cited by Donal P. McCracken, ‘A Minority […]

Jeffrey Glover, ‘Channeling Indigenous Geopolitics: Negotiating International Order in Colonial Writing’, PMLA 125, 3 (2010) Abstract Recent comparative approaches to early American studies have described the networks of literary exchange that linked colonial writing from different imperial contexts. Current methodologies should be expanded to account for the relation between colonial writing and indigenous forms of […]

Martin Chatfield Legassick, The Politics of a South African Frontier: The Griqua, the Sotho-Tswana and the Missionaries, 1780–1840 (Basler Afrika Bibliographien, 2010). This book publishes Martin Legassick’s influential doctoral thesis about the pre-industrial South African frontier zone of Transorangia. The impressive formation of the Griqua states in the first half of the 19th century outside […]

Ulf Johansson Dahrea, ‘There are no such things as universal human rights – on the predicament of indigenous peoples, for example’, International Journal of Human Rights 14, 5 2010 Abstract: There is a gap between the normative ideas of universal human rights and social practice. This discrepancy in the human rights field is analysed in […]