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Lorenzo Veracini, ‘On Settlerness’, borderlands 10, 1 (2011). Part of a larger project dedicated to a theoretical appraisal of settler colonial phenomena, this paper draws attention to the need to develop interpretative categories capable of accounting for the specificity of the settler colonial ‘situation’. In the first section, the paper suggests that settler colonialism establishes […]

Carroll P. Kakel III., The American West and the Nazi East: A Comparative and Interpretive Perspective (Palgrave Macmillan, 2011). The American West and the Nazi East is a unique exploration of the conceptual and historical relations between the Early American and Nazi-German national projects of territorial expansion, racial cleansing, and settler colonization in their respective […]

David Anderson, of the Guardian: History teaches us that empire can bring out the worst in people. In Britain we applaud the “civilising mission” of our imperial past, but are less happy to acknowledge the violence and brutality that so often girded our imperial endeavour. It is time we were more honest. […] To the […]

Sarah Maddison and Morgan Brigg (eds), Unsettling the Settler State: Creativity and Resistance in Indigenous Settler-State Governance (Federation Press, 2011). Debates in contemporary Indigenous affairs rarely question the settler-state framework and its accompanying institutions and processes. This silence persists despite Indigenous efforts to engage the settler-colonial order through repeated calls for treaties, for constitutional change, […]

Michael P. Besten, ‘Envisioning ancestors: staging of Khoe-San authenticity in South Africa’, Critical Arts 25, 2 (2011). This article examines the operation of primordialist cultural stereotypes and their impact, particularly on the self-representations of Khoe-San people. The operation of these stereotypes is demonstrated by means of a study of a series of Khoe-San-related public events […]

Lorenzo Veracini, ‘Isopolitics, Deep Colonising, Settler Colonialism’, Interventions 13, 2 (2011). This essay contributes to interdisciplinary reflection on settler colonialism and decolonization by proposing an analysis of two characteristic traits of the ‘settler colonial situation’: isopolitics and deep colonizing. The first section outlines isopolitical relations as an alternative possibility to sustained colonial domination on the […]

Miranda Johnson, ‘Reconciliation, indigeneity, and postcolonial nationhood in settler states’, Postcolonial Studies 14, 2 (2011). In the Commonwealth settler states of Australia, New Zealand and Canada in the last two decades, ‘reconciliation’ has become a key term for expressing a new relationship between indigenous and non-indigenous (primarily white settler) peoples. The term is usually associated […]

Kate Law, ‘White Rhodesians: Settlers or Expatriates?’, Journal of Southern African Studies 37, 2 (2011). Reviewing: Robert Bickers (ed.), Settlers and Expatriates: Britons over the Seas, Oxford History of the British Empire Companion Series (Oxford, Oxford University Press, 2010), vi + 352 pp, £35 hardback, ISBN 978-019-929767-2 Josiah Brownell, The Collapse of Rhodesia, Population Demographics […]

Scholars who have published, or who have interests in the field of settler colonial studies (such as those writers featured in the settler colonial studies blog) are invited to join the new, settler colonial studies network. With time, it is hoped that the network will transform into a comprehensive directory of scholars. If you’d like […]

History Department, McGregor Museum, Kimberley Wed 14 Sept: 19:00 Book launch “Luka Jantjie: resistance hero of the South African frontier” and opening of exhibition with talk by John Aldridge, Aldridge Press, London Thursday, 15 September 2011: 07:45 – 08:45 Registration 08:45 – 09:00 Welcome – Kgosi Pelonomi Toto 09:00 Opening Address 09:45 – 10:20 Tea […]