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Laura J. Mitchell has published a brilliant monograph on the VOC, settlers, and natives in early Southern Africa.  The book analyses contact, law and order, settler life, Khoisan resistance and Company authority all in one neat package – and is arranged beautifully. Congratulations to Dr. Mitchell for her fantastic monograph, and for her decision to […]

@ the University of Texas. From their website (and see also their forthcoming conference on decolonisation and Mexican independence): February 25-26, 2010 The focus of the conference is the British Empire during its “decade of crisis” between the end of the Seven Years’ War in 1763 and the passage of the Tea Act ten years […]

I was made aware of the following book by a post at the Legal History blog. According to Susan Reynolds in her new book, the legal technique of acquiring land from certain individuals for the common good, from the Medieval period to around 1800, is one that is fruitfully compared across Europe and settler North […]

As part of the Macquarie Bicentenary Commemorations, the Forbes Society are presenting Brent Salter to speak on colonial law at the Common Room, NSW Bar Association, 174 Phillip Street Sydney, at 5pm on Monday 10 March. Salter, a wealth of knowledge on colonial law and co-editor of the Kercher Reports, will undoubtedly provide an interesting […]

Following on from the Fifth Galway Conference on Colonialism (dedicated to settler colonialism), this conference is concerned with education. From their website: Continuing in the tradition of Colonialism Conferences at NUI Galway, we are delighted to announce that the sixth conference in the series –  Education and Empire – will take place in Galway from […]

This conference looks set to take place at Maynooth, County Kildare, in August. From their website: Short Abstract This panel will explore cross-cultural experiences of crisis in the course of colonial encounters. We invite papers that focus on the colonized, and/or on the colonizers and their practices and concepts. Colonial is understood broadly, including both […]

From H-Net: The Peter Lang Publishing Group is launching a new series entitled Nationalisms across the Globe. One of these volumes will focus on Native American nationalism. The volume’s editors welcome scholarly submissions from academics and researchers in the field. If interested, please consult the list of topics below and submit a query including a […]

This conference takes place on March 2011 at the University of California, Riverside. From their website: Ethnic studies scholarship has laid the crucial foundation for analyzing the intersections of racism, colonialism, immigration, and slavery within the United States context. Yet it has become clear that ethnic studies paradigms have become entrapped within, and sometimes indistinguishable […]

After We have sold out Land We in a little time have nothing to Shew for it; but it is not so with You, Your Grandchildren will get something from it as long as the World stands; our Grandchildren will have no advantage from it; They will say We were Fools for selling so much […]

I have been following this website for the last year or so, and it has certainly come a long way. Established by the Pakistani po-co Masood Raja, this website includes a forum, some scanned resources, and links to publications and journals.