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“Negotiating with the Enemy”: a workshop on counterinsurgency and colonialism. Institute of Commonwealth Studies, London. 24 September 2010. Deadline: March 15. Indigenous Research and Relationships and Relationships: The 9th annual symposium on Native Scholarship. University of Washington. De Pierre-Esprit Radisson a Louis Riel: voyageurs et Metis / From Pierre Esprit Radisson to Louis Riel: voyageurs […]

Ewout Frankema, “The Colonial Roots of Land Inequality: Geography, Factor Endowments, or Institutions?”, The Economic History Review, 2009. ABSTRACT Land inequality is one of the crucial underpinnings of long-run persistent wealth and asset inequality. This article assesses the colonial roots of land inequality from a comparative perspective. The evolution of land inequality is analysed in […]

C. Drew Bednasek and Anne M. C. Godlewska, “The Influence of Betterment Discourses on Canadian Aboriginal Peoples in the Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries”, Canadian Geographer / Le Géographe Canadien 53, 4, 2009. ABSTRACT Based on government archival sources, fieldwork and the historical perspectives, experiences and oral histories of Aboriginal peoples, this paper argues […]

Richard Phillips, “Settler Colonialism and the Nuclear Family”, Canadian Geographer / Le Géographe Canadien 53, 2, 2009: ABSTRACT Colonial societies revolved around nuclear families. Though they often seemed natural, universal and inevitable, colonial nuclear families were in fact produced through a series of laws and customs that regulated sex and marriage. These legal, social and […]

A Bill has been framed in Nigeria to uphold the rights of Indigenous people there, amid a “Settler, Indigene squabble”, writes Onwuka Nzeshi of AllAfricaNews. The Bill reads in parts: “A person is an indigene of a local government area or area council in Nigeria, if – (a) he or she or any of his […]

This is really captivating viewing: a YouTube clip of Eugene Terre’Blanche at the end of last year. Yes, he’s has made a comeback, appealing to the Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging bittereinders to adjust their rhetoric of discontent. Gone is the gun-toting hyperbole of standing their ground, and subtler is the racist language of their leader. Their new […]

I’ve had considerable difficulty finding more details about the book launched yesterday in Sydney by former Federal Court judge, Murray Wilcox, entitled Kimberley at the Crossroads: The Case Against the Gas Plant. This from ABC Online: “It’s a funny situation isn’t it, that Aboriginal people are expected to give up their cultural heritage for the […]

In a recent hour-long podcast, two presentations are reproduced from a recent seminar “`Ike: Historical Transformations: Reading Hawaii’s Past to Probe Its Future”. It can be downloaded from Indigenous Politics: From Native New England and Beyond. The first is by Keanu Sai, a man whose work I have only recently discovered, and the second is […]

“I cannot recall that many words were said about the Palestinians, or about territory, or about the tragic past. Certainly no reference was made to Israeli settler-colonialism, similar in many ways to French practice in Algeria. It was about as informative as a Reuters dispatch”.



The wickedlocal reports of Early Lithographs of Native American leaders currently on loan from Fruitlands Gallery to Littleton, MA.