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Ezequiel Mercau, ‘Abandoned Britons? The Sunningdale Agreement and Ulster Britishness’. MA Thesis, University College, Dublin, 2010. The Sunningdale agreement was a very important effort to establish power-sharing in Northern Ireland, the first one since the creation of the State. This dissertation charts unionist reactions from its emergence at the end of 1973 to its demise […]

CFP/Conference: Borderlands and Meeting Points, Brown University, Rhode Island, April 8-9 2011. CFP/Journal: Journal of Postcolonial Theory and Theology. CFP/Conference: Spanish Borderlands/Spanish Colonial texas, Texas State Historical Association, 2012. CFP/Conference: Ass. American Geographers: Imperialism and Space in the Americas, Seattle, 12-16 April 2011. CFP/Journal: Journal of Commonwealth and Postcolonial Studies on Australian Literature. Seminar: Colonial […]

This state’s official name — The State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations — is more than just a mouthful. To many, it evokes stinging reminders of Rhode Island’s prime role in the trans-Atlantic slave trade. Voters next Tuesday will decide whether to change the name by dropping the words “and Providence Plantations.” The issue […]

Just got word of a forthcoming conference via Legal History Blog: Colonies and Postcolonies of Law, Princeton, March 18 2011. The conference addresses the centrality of law in the construction of colonial rule. We aim to examine how colonial law emerged as colonialists interacted with diverse populations in the colonies. The study of the relationship […]

There is a massive “land grab” by foreign companies currently underway in Ethiopia, under the invitation of the regime in power. The move has settler colonialism written all over it. Indeed, it has already induced many in the international community, such as the UN, the EU, FAO to mention but few, to sound the alarm. […]

  Actually placing “settlers” and “colonialism” in the same analytical field required overcoming a number of conceptual blockages. It took decades. The nineteenth century – the century of the “settler revolution” (see Belich 2009) – did not think that they could be compounded. Indeed the settler revolution had cleaved the two apart: Marx, who engaged […]

This case was a bit special. The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) short-changed some Native Americans; Native Americans finally secure compo (and more). This was a hard fought case, not about land or resource rights, but about a bureaucratic fluff up, which ignored the many obstacles — pertaining to capitalist agriculture — that stand before […]

Former ATSIC deputy chairman Ray Robinson is spearheading legal action in the Brisbane District court next week. He says he will be arguing the Howard government acted illegally by abolishing ATSIC. “A number of members of the board of commissioners are challenging the validity of the winding up of ATSIC,” he said. “I am challenging […]

Wow, I had no idea that this had even happened. May we say, the sooner this event gets handed over to the po-cos for destruction, the better ? Disgraceful – and ungraceful.

bin laden


An audio message said to have been recorded by the al-Qaeda leader says the abduction was retaliation for “France’s injustice to Muslims”. It says forthcoming French curbs on the full veil are “colonial oppression”. via BBC ??