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The American Indian Quarterly 35, 2 (2011) Patty Loew and James Thannum, ‘After the Storm: Ojibwe Treaty Rights Twenty-Five Years after the Voigt Decision’, pp. 161-191. Arnold Krupat, ‘Chief Seattle’s Speech Revisited’, pp. 192-214. Rauna Kuokkanen, ‘Indigenous Economies, Theories of Subsistence, and Women: Exploring the Social Economy Model for Indigenous Governance’, pp. 215-240. Maria A. […]

chorus of crows


When she saw Top Camp (humpies made of corrugated iron/slabs of bark people and dogs living together children   discharge running from nostrils/ears like sewage seeping from the broken pipes next door) she didn’t wince. She learnt to overlook the rubbish caught on broken fences blown by westerlies that brought the dust and the haunting sound […]

Dear all, We are pleased to announce that the first issue of settler colonial studies is now available for your viewing. Check it out here. In this stage of its life, settler colonial studies is an online, open-access journal. There are may benefits of such a medium (among them, universally free access, and immediate registration […]

Paul Giles, ‘The Postcolonial Mainstream’, American Literary History 23, 1 (2011). In a review essay for this journal back in 2004, Malini Johar Schueller declared “that the suitability of postcolonial theory to the study of US culture should no longer be a subject of debate” (162). Arguing that “the period of critical isolationism and exceptionalism […]

Here’s a teaser for the forthcoming settler colonial studies 1 (2011). ARTICLES Lorenzo Veracini: Introducing settler colonial studies pp. 1-12 Patrick Wolfe: After the Frontier: Separation and Absorption in US Indian Policy pp. 13-50 Scott Lauria Morgensen: The Biopolitics of Settler Colonialism: Right Here, Right Now pp. 51-75 Ivan Sablin and Maria Savelyeva: Mapping Indigenous […]

google ngram


‘When you enter phrases into the Google Books Ngram Viewer, it displays a graph showing how those phrases have occurred in a corpus of books over the selected years’. Some graphs I whipped up:

kafka’s wish


If one were only an Indian, instantly alert, and on a racing horse, leaning against the wind, kept on quivering jerkily over the quivering ground, until one shed one’s spurs, for there needed no spurs, threw away the reigns, for there needed no reigns, and hardly saw that the land before one was smoothly short […]

Elaine Freedgood, ‘Fictional Settlements: Footnotes, Metalepsis, the Colonial Effect’, New Literary History 41, 2 (2010) In lieu of an abstract, here is a preview of the article. I am going to argue that the nineteenth-century novel is anomalous using as an example an anomalous nineteenth-century novel. The anomalous novel, Catharine Parr Traill’s Canadian Crusoes (1852), […]

Samar Attar, Debunking the Myths of Colonization: The Arabs and Europe (University Press of America, 2010) Debunking the Myths of Colonization examines Salman Rushdie’s thesis on the paradoxical nature of colonialism and its horrific impact on the psyche of the colonized. It probes Frantz Fanon’s theories concerning the relationship between colonizers and colonized, and attempts […]

I am the corn, the beans, the squash, the sweet potatoes, and tomatoes on your dinner table. I am the gratitude you express every fourth Thursday in November. […] I am the Indian in your living room. I am the Great Law of Peace. I am the plan for the U.S. Constitution given you by […]