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Members of the Royal Griqua Tribe, which organised the event, were dressed in full regalia. Goab Bishop Kenneth Visser, a provincial leader of the Griqua Royal House, said it was of great significance to come back to the castle, where Adam Kok had once been imprisoned. “For us it means the freedom of the Griqua […]

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Lorenzo Veracini, ‘District 9 and Avatar: Science Fiction and Settler Colonialism’, Journal of Intercultural Studies 32, 4 (2011) District 9 and Avatar are extraordinarily alike: both released in 2009, they tell a very similar story (even if they frequently invert the value signs). One would think that the scriptwriters have collaborated in some way. The […]

David Anderson, of the Guardian: History teaches us that empire can bring out the worst in people. In Britain we applaud the “civilising mission” of our imperial past, but are less happy to acknowledge the violence and brutality that so often girded our imperial endeavour. It is time we were more honest. […] To the […]

Making Settler Colonial Space: Perspectives on Race, Place and Identity (Palgrave UK, 2010) Edited by Tracey Banivanua Mar and Penelope Edmonds. To be launched by Patrick Wolfe. The new journal, settler colonial studies, introduced by Jane Carey and Lorenzo Veracini. When: Thursday 30th June, 5.00pm for a 5.30pm start Where: Gertrudes Brown Couch, 30 Gertrude […]

“There are three people sitting around a table: a black man, an American, an Afrikaner,” says our Ventersdorp host, a modest and mellow man, in Afrikaans. At first we expect to hear a nasty joke of some kind, but we soon realise he’s in fact explaining why he cannot be motivated to vote. “And there […]

The American Indian Quarterly 35, 2 (2011) Patty Loew and James Thannum, ‘After the Storm: Ojibwe Treaty Rights Twenty-Five Years after the Voigt Decision’, pp. 161-191. Arnold Krupat, ‘Chief Seattle’s Speech Revisited’, pp. 192-214. Rauna Kuokkanen, ‘Indigenous Economies, Theories of Subsistence, and Women: Exploring the Social Economy Model for Indigenous Governance’, pp. 215-240. Maria A. […]

Citing precedents, prosecutors reached back into the Indian Wars in arguments at an appeals panel in Washington D.C. Specifically, they invoked an 1818 military commission convened by Gen. Andrew Jackson after U.S. forces invaded then-Spanish Florida to stop black slaves from fleeing through a porous border — then executed two British men for helping the […]

This is one of the more readable pieces I’ve read on the recent passing of Professor Carel Boshoff, the visionary Afrikaner nationalist. Paradox trailed Carel Boshoff through his whole life. Before he devoted himself to building an all-white paradise, he worked for three years as a missionary in Soweto, the vast black labor reserve south […]



griquas learn from voortrekkers: Die Griekwavolk se droom om sy geskiedenis en erfenisterreine te bewaar, is lewendig en daarom het hulle heelpad per trein van die Noord-Kaap gekom om te kom kyk hoe dinge by die Voortrekkermonument gedoen word. and long for zulu-esque memorialisation: “Maar ons wil onder dieselfde wet as al die ander swart […]