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Settler specie is typically littered with imagery of animals: the exotic ones unseen before in Europe. Occasionally, they display ‘the native’. with help from Newspaper Rock

Leroux’s recent article on the commemoration of settler colonialism in Quebec reminded me of some photos I took… inside one of Montreal’s McDonalds restaurants.

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The fuel-sucking RV – a direct descendent of the Conestoga wagon and voortrekker kakebeenwa – celebrates a hundred years in 2010. The formula hasn’t changed much: hop in, traverse the ’empty’ wilderness, pull up at that piece of untouched beauty (or national park), inhale ‘unbreathed’ air.

THIS LAND IS YOUR LAND words and music by Woody Guthrie This land is your land, this land is my land From California, to the New York Island From the redwood forest, to the gulf stream waters This land was made for you and me As I was walking a ribbon of highway I saw […]



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An alternative definition of settler colonialism from uncyclopedia: Utilising the ‘Overstaying Your Welcome’ strategy, settlers enter a weaker nation’s borders, ask for a drink and begin scrutinising their CD collection.

Rachel Olding, ‘Penguin reprints book, peppered with an error, wants it to be taken with grain of salt’, SMH: The publishing company was forced to pulp and reprint 7000 copies of Pasta Bible last week after a recipe called for “salt and freshly ground black people” – instead of pepper – to be added to […]

Yet another game with settler colonial theme. While the post-Orientalism settler world has slowly moved towards the non-trivialisation of indigenous culture in the grown-up realms of culture, it seems that kids are considered okay targets for this continuing sort of nonsense. Eric Tucker, ‘Settler vs. Indians board game rankles tribes’, associated press: One player wins […]